NEWS & UPDATES April/May 2021

Hey-hey, Happy End of the week !

Ā Our team has prepared some great updates on the platform v1.2! For our Advertisers:šŸ“

Ā -We added new system DSP -Now we Support for several promo materials in one campaignĀ 

-Automatic campaign optimization module according to TargetROI / CR / CTR -CPM/Š”PC strategyĀ 

-CPA Strategy billing with intellectual rate prognosis when using postbackĀ 

-CPA strategy with manual adjustment of rates -API for obtaining statisticsĀ 

-Advertising rotator with AI bidding moduleĀ 

-Macros support for receipt/transmission of parameter trackersĀ 

šŸ˜€ And of course we are just about to release new features, if you have any suggestions don’t forget to ping us!Ā 


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