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DTXplatform is an all-in-one advertising platform delivering advertising and monetization solutions for global brands and businesses. We drive scalable growth with proprietary technology and incremental audiences ensuring full transparency and brand-safety for our partners.

set up and pursue high traffic and service quality standards and contribute to adtech market development by introducing innovative products and sharing our expertise and knowledge with the community.

We see our role in making that possible. We focus on helping our clients choose what’s right for their business, and provide them with affordable performance marketing solutions that would bring real financial value and let their business thrive and be known worldwide.


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Our colossal supply of high quality inventory converts like crazy for any vertical.

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Machine Learning-based algorithm to filter poor quality .

Use ready-to-go groups gathered by interests, age, and gender and mix them to reach relevant audience segments

With CPA Goal, auto rules and multiformat campaign you can pick a desired automation level - from 0 to 100%.

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You can show your ads anywhere in the world.

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